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Therapeutic Purposes of using Botox® Injectables

  • Complications associated with tight jaw muscles, including TMJ pain
  • Clenching (Bruxism) and grinding. When the Temporalis and Masseter muscles become overworked, this can cause clenching and grinding. When Botox® is injected in the Temporalis and Masseter muscles, these muscles are relaxed, thereby reducing pain and discomfort, and helping to protect the teeth from the consequences of grinding.
  • Treatment of chronic headaches and migraines
  • Preventing of daytime teeth damage

Why are Dentists a Great Choice for Administering Botox®?

  • Dental clinics have very strict sterilization protocols, offering patients ‘mini hospital’ conditions
  • Dentists have exceptional knowledge and experience with the head and neck anatomy
  • Dentists are highly experienced with facial structure and anatomy
  • Dentists are very comfortable and competent using needles
  • Dentists know more about what makes a great smile than anyone else!

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