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Photo Rejuvenation

Premature Aging Solutions in Calgary with
IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Is your skin showing signs of premature ageing? Calgary’s All About Family Dental can help improve these signs, and by using Venus Concept’s Venus Versa™ machine with intense pulsed light (IPL) photo rejuvenation. Through IPL photo rejuvenation and SmartPulse™ technology, our associates can improve discoloration and uneven skin texture, which are common indicators of your skin ageing prematurely. This technology allows you to see desired results without going through surgery. Our premature ageing solutions are offered to clients in Calgary and surrounding communities.

How Does it Work?

With IPL photo rejuvenation, pulses of broad-spectrum light are delivered and selectively filtered into the skin, where it is then transformed into therapeutic heat by being absorbed by target chromophores in your skin. With the SmartPulse™ technology, it will ensure that precise and consistent energy is delivered into your skin.

Hair Reduction Through IPL

As more and more people look for better options for hair removal instead of waxing, plucking, or shaving, the Venus Concept technology has met that demand through IPL. Along with its use on the skin, IPL photo rejuvenation is also great at removing unwanted hair on your body. Our associates are skilled at utilizing the Venus Versa™ for providing fast and effective hair removal.

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