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Chemical Peels and Facial

Premium Chemical Peels and Facial Treatments in Calgary

If you’re seeking to reinvigorate your skin, All About Family Dental is the place for you. We provide OxyGeneo™ at our clinic, as well as chemical peel and facial treatments that will do wonders for your face. We make sure you have a sense of confidence and youthfulness when you leave our clinic! We only use products from Mediderma, a skin-care line founded by Sesderma, a company trusted throughout the industry. Our skilled aesthetics team also creates specialty peels in-house. We extend our services in Calgary and its surrounding communities.

Chemical Peel

For getting rid of wrinkles, chemical peels can be a good option. It involves a specialized chemical solution being applied to the skin, eventually blistering and peeling off, leaving the new skin smoother and less wrinkled. The chemical peels we offer are all chemical, medical grades, and they include:

  • Lactic acid peel
    This is a mild chemical peel using alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) derived from milk, which helps even out skin tone, provides a deep clean to your pores, and much more.

  • Vitamin A peel
    This peel is actually non-acid, and it works from the inside out to build healthier skin cells.

  • Mandelic peel
    This type also used alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) but derived from the almond nut. It is a gentle peel that helps repair sun damage, acne-prone skin, and much more.


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